Product Features

Size & Colours

Available in:
Grey Smokey Quartz, Purple Amethyst & Blue Sapphire

Small round (for cats or very small dogs)

diameter: 17" height: 5"

Small, Medium, Large (rectangular shape)

S: 20"x 16"x 6" M: 30"x 20" x 7" L: 40" x 24" x 8"

Special Features

Crystal Inserts
Organic "Wellness-ential" Oils

All Natural Material

Made in Canada From All Natural Material including
Organic Cotton, Cork, & Natural Rubber Latex

Easy Maintenance

Machine Washable
Removable Inner Cushion &
Side Pannels for Easy Washing

Nilayam Wellness

Nilayam means abode.

Nilayam Wellness brings healing through the use of crystals and organic essential oils.

It also provides the opportunity for people to make conscious choices by being mindful, in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Why Us?


We are pioneers in providing crystal products for animals that merge health, aesthetic appeal and practicality.


We believe in creating and promoting products that are animal cruelty-free

Help Humanity

Our passion is to help humanity through the creation of unique products which cater to wellness


We ensure customer loyalty by maintaining maximum customer satisfaction

May all Beings in the Universe Be Happy

Our Philosophy

We believe that in order to be more awake and live a fully conscious life, one should strive to evolve by manifesting the light that shines within, allowing it to radiate and connect to nature’s love energy. Our intention is to therefore create awareness around the earth’s healing treasures which are at our disposal, as long as we are open to receiving them.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

WOW.  I'm so impressed with the luxurious quality and feel of the Nilayam bed - it truly is the most beautiful dog bed I've ever encountered.  We were so lucky to have this bed for my pup's final days on this earth.  The built-in pocket for crystals and essential oil inserts really elevated the experience. We used rose quartz and lavender oil and I definitely noticed a positive difference in my pup's health when we were first united with this bed. The washable inner cushion was also super practical (especially with a sick dog) - after multiple times in the wash, it still looks and feels new. I wish they made human-sized Nilayams :)

Jessika - Victoria, B.C. (Canada)

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Sophia - Canada

Blissful Abode

Our Mission

Our Vision

To Inspire, educate and empower humanity towards
wellness, through the healing power of crystals.

"Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being."

J. Stanford

"Be like the lotus; which radiates light and beauty, revealing its serenity

in its natural abode."


"Be the energy you want others to absorb"


"Love All, Serve All"

Sathya Sai Baba